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HDPE Flap Valve & Penstock

YS Series Non-Metallic HDPE Flap Valve

  • Superior Chemical & UV Resistance.
  • Impact Resistance & No Material Fatigue.
  • Due to comparatively Light Weight, no tedious and clumsy installation. Ease Maintenance & Servicing.
  • Withstand wide fluctuation in temperature of pH of liquid medium.
  • Comparatively less opening pressure required.
  • High ND and Reliable Seating with effective dimensional stability.
  • Reducing the chances of vandalism.
  • Compliance with ISO 9002:1994 , BS EN ISO 9002:1994


Penstock / Screw Down Gate

  • True Bi-directional operation with no "on/off" seat pressure differential restrictions that allow for positive shut-off in either direction.
  • Compression sealing for drip-tight shut off using polyurethane or synthetic rubber seals.
  • Compression sealing eliminates grit and fines seat wear common in metal seated cast iron penstocks.
  • Low friction operation using UHMWPE (Utra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) guides to take up lateral loads.
  • Light weight, simple installation.
  • Unlimited custom bulit options for unequal width & height requirements, including materials composition.
  • Standard flush bottom design eliminates debris build-up.
  • Reduced operating torque.
  • Design head up to 20m.


Swimming Pool and Spa Equipement Durax-Max


All components of WL-SCPB Series Self-Priming Centrifugal Pumps are designed for maximum performance and economy in a swimming filtration system.

These pumps are suitable for swimming pools and spa pools with hair strainer complete to body.



Filtration Slot Well Screen - Water Strainer

The water filtration well screen is a kind of filtered water tubing with the perforation .It is manufactured by a V or wedge shaped wire around an internal array of longitudinal support rods. Each intersecting point of these wires is fusion welded. The v or wedge shaped wraps around the support rods over full length of the screen, creating a continuous slot opening. Hence, the screen allows water to enter to well freely in ample flow rate. While at the same time filter out the majority of the sand and gravel.


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