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Pressure Vessel Tank Bladder

JST Series - NonJKKP Approval Pressure Vessel Tank

  • NST Standard 61 IAPMO R&T UPC approved.
  • Polypropylene liner ensure long durability.
  • IIR (Butyl) diaphragm assure long life and safety.
  • Highly rust resistant durable baked epoxy coating finish.
  • Cast stainless steel water connection.
  • Leak free, o-ring sealed air valve cap.
  • 100% pressure tested.
  • No maintenance.


JST Series - Pressure Vessel Tank

The HWA(S) series is a high energy-efficient variable speed circulator pump, this series pumps provide 8 different modes selection, such as Highest/Lowest proportional pressure, Highest/ Lowest constant pressure, Highest/ Medium/ Lowest constant speed, and Night version to replace existing fixed speed circulators in order to meet most circulation systems.


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