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Rain Harvesting System

INTEWA - Submersible pump MULTI IS Series

The multi-stage, vertical submersible rain water pumps of MULTI-IS types are fully automatic operating tansfer pumps with built-in pump controller and backflow valve. It is perfectly for the purpose of gardening and landscrapping pumping. The outstanding technical features of the MULTI-IS make this the best solution for using a submersible pump in domestic water utilization The pump controller automatically switches the pump on and off depending on the water consumption.Unique and compact design demand less space to install and light weighted ease for handling. Apart from this, it also incorporates with dry running function.


INTEWA - Floating suction with coarse filter 1" 1 1/2"

The floating suction filter ensures that the cleanest water, from just below the surface, is always drawn from the tank. Its built-in filter protects the pump as well as toilet and washing machine inlet valves, against potential contaminants in the tank water. The filter mesh width is selected to ensure maintenance intervals are minimized. The brass backflow valve prevents the intake line from running dry.


INTEWA - PURAIN (Rainwater Filter Series)


We have designed the PURAIN Rainwater filter, sometimes known as the hydraulic jump filter, for roof areas ranging from 60m² to more than 15000m². This filter automatically cleans itself by means of the hydraulic jump. The design model for PURAIN Rainwater filters comes from nature. At almost every course in a stream, you can see how the hydraulic jump functions. The water flows over one of the stones, smooth and rounded by the action of the water over time. At the bottom of the dip, the waterflow changes to a subcritical flow in a process now commonly known as hydraulic jump. This resulting increase in water power is similar to a strong eddy and any impurities are then forced over the next level and washed away downstream.





As a general rule, the PURAIN rainwater filter is selected based on the diameter of the rainwater collecting pipe e.g. 100mm = PR100.

If the diameter of the planned collecting pipe is not known, then you can refer to the following table. It gives an overview of the dimensions of these rain water connection pipes, as per DIN 1986, with measured rainfall yield indicator of r = 300 l/s ha and a slope of 1.5%. The discharge coefficient indicates by what factor the amount of rain discharged may be reduced, due to the type of roof used.



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