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Rubber Dam

Empangan Getah
  • Cost - Efficient & Durable : Economical short - term construction , fully automatic system yields 20+ years maintainance free performance.
  • Elastomeric Body : Light structure and high shock absorbency for maximum shock resistance.
  • Environmentally friendly : Fish ladder design conforms to water coservancy reglations. Maintains abundant underground water level, preventing settlement.
  • Water Intake : Supply water for water plants, purifying plants , and IT industrial parks.
  • Agricultural irrigation : Increase water capacity of river , thus providing sufficient water source as required for agricultural applications.
  • Fisheries : Provides abundant water for fishing industries, eliminates the need to pump underground water, prevents settlement along coastal areas.
  • Recreational Park : Artificial lake construction for parks or swimming , preserves and beautiful natural scenery.
  • Flood Control : During a typhoon or storm, the automatic deflation system allows discharge of floodwaters even in case of power outage.
  • Bridge Protection : Prevents riverbed ersion and protects the bridge foundation when located at the downstream and of a bridge.
  • Tidal Barrier : Prevents in flow of tide and seawater, also available for seawater swimming pool.
  • Sewer water control : Diversion of sewage system to the water treatment plant.


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