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Simavis understands that in certain instances there is a lack of resources and/or expertise to properly operate and maintain water and wastewater treatment works. Therefore we decided to expand our business involving in Maintenance and Servicing Contract in order to deliver a complete and holistic solution for our customers in particular to Local Authority. We have done this by not only supplying our clients with the products and associated equipment, but also by providing with Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services which are customised for their specific needs, based on the site requirement and specification as well the extent of their available operational and maintenance resources. This way we provide the customer and Local Authority in peace of mind that the system and plant will be operated properly and so will perform according to its design.

Our O&M service is not limited to the operations of new projects installations but include existing all water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants, from small community plants to municipal works, are the targets for our service.

We strive to provide complete O&M solution for your treatment works from appointment of daily operators and management of staff, to sample analysis and mechanical maintenance.




Certainly an appropriate O&M plan and procedure that to be provides in line of ensuring optimal performance. It shall take into account of the services outlined as below not limited to the following:


Appointment of process supervisors
Treatment works surveys and feedback reports by process technician
Sample analysis and interpretation
Mechanical maintenance team
Electrical maintenance team
Process optimisation
Operations and maintenance manual preparation or updating
Weekly plant process meeting
General servicing and upgrading
Supplying of spares (electrical, mechanical, instrumentation)



Simavis had built an excellent track record of Operation & Maintenance Services for these above mentioned system as well.

  • Transfer Pump System and Booster Pump System (Zone 4 & Zone 2) for DBKL Perumahan Awam.
    (Total Contract Value: RM 2,500,000.00)

  • Flood Control and Mitigation system for DBKL.
    (Total Contract Value: RM 2,250,000.00)

  • Submersible Drainage Pumping System and associated accessories for Kota Kinabalu International Airport.
    ( Total Contract: RM 285,120.00)


It would be our great honour should we could become your services provider.

Simavis strive to provide the best services, technologies, technical support and response. We shall guarantees maximum operational return while at the same time committing to excellence. It is our goal to emphasis on reducing total cost of operation and increasing customers' profitability.

The company's workforce ensures you are fully satisfied with its full service concept.